San Martín de Valdeiglesias

The first news of growing grapes in the current province of Madrid is related to the monastery of Santa Maria de Valdeiglesias in the twelfth century. It was the Cistercian monks who introduced this crop to the area, as in other important areas wine regions of Europe, and who tell us about the cultivation of the vine in the Monastery of San Martin de Valdeiglesias: "The fruitfulness of the earth, it is very suitable for planting vines, of which they obtain fortified wines called San Martín, which are the most fertile in Europe, even if I said come first of all, wouldn’t err”.

The vineyard of Matt’s Vineyard is located approximately 700 meters above sea level and consists of two plots with vines planted in 1947 and 1982, respectively, on loam - sandy soils.

No pesticides or treatments are used. If needed, it is done with sulfur; the grape harvest is done by hand.

About us
Matt’s Vineyard project started in 2005 and consists of the production of a wine that reflects the personality of the soil in San Martín de Valdeiglesias of the variety ‘Garnacha’, recovering and preserving vineyards that up to 70 years old. Although Matt’s Vineyard does not yet have its own winery, this has not prevented us being able to deliver careful production, with the support of the top professionals in the wine industry of the San Martín de Valdeiglesias region.