Garnacha, the essence

The red Garnacha is a grape of Spanish origin, which during the last century was the most common grape in the Iberian Peninsula. Garnacha is very widespread in Spain, where it has been given various names, such as: “Garnacho red", "Aragon red", "alicante", "Navarre", " garnatxa" and in other countries is known as "grenache" "roussillon rouge", "Granaccia", "grape Spagne" and "cannonou".

It seems that the origin of the garnacha can be traced to Alicante, from where it would have spread to the rest of Spain and have entered France and Italy. In recent decades it has also been exported to other continents like Australia or America (California), and is therefore the most cultivated Mediterranean variety in the world.

This variety produces very aromatic wines with fairly alcohol strength, good acidity, and medium body. This is a plant of high productivity, is resistant to drought and cold and is sensitive to pests and diseases. It has clusters of medium and compact sizes; berries are medium sized, oval, dark red and purple.

About us
Matt’s Vineyard project started in 2005 and consists of the production of a wine that reflects the personality of the soil in San Martín de Valdeiglesias of the variety ‘Garnacha’, recovering and preserving vineyards that up to 70 years old. Although Matt’s Vineyard does not yet have its own winery, this has not prevented us being able to deliver careful production, with the support of the top professionals in the wine industry of the San Martín de Valdeiglesias region.